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Phoenix Technologies

Parque Metropolitano C/ Los visos nº14 18130 Escúzar Granada.

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Support Advisory Team (SAT)

958 509 260

Technical service sat@phoenixtechnologies.es

Commercial Information comercial@phoenixtechnologies.es

Suggestions or Incidents incidencias@phoenixtechnologies.es

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With the guarantee of Phoenix, 3 years on-the-spot. Forget any problem; our technical assistance will give you the same service from the first to the last day for all the components of your computer with home and delivery collection.

Intel Technology.

Reduce costs and increase the output with the new family of processors Intel® Core™ . The Intel®processor, provides you a clever performance and efficient usage of energy. It offers you the best options for an intelligent computing experience, safe and reliable at the office, at home and anywhere, to be adapted automatically to the special needings of each user.